In order for Clients to receive Stage 2 (Community Advocacy Support) from Casework Advocates and Stage 3 (McKenzie Friend involvement), Clients must agree to claim back our costs from the complaint subject and they must cooperate in full with any enforcement action that we take. The support that we provide to Clients is always free of charge except where a Client does not cooperate with GBG Law pursuing our costs.

If a taxpayer funded organisation does not pay up, we name and shame tax payer organisations with outstanding funds owed alongside an outline of the cases that they have not paid for. We ensure that no personally identifiable information is provided and that the facts in the case do not in any way lead to the identification of the Client concerned. We also ask for help from other grassroots organisations with drawing attention and creating maximum embarrassment through lawful means to the organisations concerned until they do pay.

Costs that we incur that are not paid back ultimately are offset against donations. We are forever grateful to donors for allowing us to continue to support people that are failed by Public Sector organisations that have failed our Clients and, worse still, those taxpayer organisations that persistently refuse to change.


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