The GBG Law McKenzie Friend Team works with people that are either taking a taxpayer funded organisation to Court or who are being taken to Court by one. We also support people at Tribunals. In Court, our Client must obtain the permission of the Judge in each and every case in order that our McKenzie Friends can give quiet advice (or in certain exceptional circumstances so that they can speak on behalf of an "inarticulate" Client) within the Court room. A Judge should never refuse this unreasonable and a Client is entitled to appeal the decision of a Judge to refuse a McKenzie Friend.

Just like in all other matters, GBG Law cannot give legal advice but we can make suggestions about options that are open to Clients. We make clear to Clients that they should double check the advice that we provide to them with other organisations and that there may be other options available. GBG Law can help with preparation of Court paperwork but, crucially, the way that the case is run must be based on decisions by our Client and not by us.


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