GBG Law is looking to partner with other organisations because, together, our voice is stronger. GBG Law is able to offer telephony and IT through our partners, GBG Business at the same price as it costs GBG Business and we are looking to share volunteers and to receive the same in return from other organisations where our objectives are the same.

We can effectively provide infrastructure and support for your campaigns or projects in return for support from your organisation with our campaigns and projects. We are currently particularly looking for support with protesting against public sector organisations that do not pay our fees through lawful means. We will routinely ignore any Court order that attempts to prevent our freedom of speech.

We do not provide financial assistance to other campaigns and projects and we do not expect the same from campaigns or projects. Please remember though that we do pass on our costs of providing telephony and IT infrastructure at the same cost as GBG Business incurs to provide the services. The provision of these services is not intended to form any kind of contact and the service is provided "as is".


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