What is the difference between a GBG Law Client, Advocacy Caseworker and a Correspondence Account Holder?

A GBG Law Client would be a Client of either Gareth Group Law or Roof and would be the person seeking assistance from us, A Caseworker is an Employee or Volunteer of either Gareth Group Law or Roof, a Correspondence Account Holder is unique to both Gareth Group Law and Roof and is either a case contact (for example an Ombudsman) or the actual Correspondence Account Holder who is responsible for the case needing to be bought to the attention of a Court, Tribunal, Ombudsman or other Body and is ultimately the organisation or person who will be sent an invoice for our Client's costs - we add our costs to our Client's invoice, we then support them with raising a claim to the Correspondence Account Holder concerned. For more information about these positions, please select the relevant organisation on the right and have a look at our FAQs specific to that Organisation or Department.

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