3,569 people slept rough at some point in 2015 but these were only the small amount counted (Source - DCLG)
Homelessness is unacceptable in 2016 - find out what we are doing about it..
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GBG Law Vision

"GBG Law believes in providing hope by supporting less wealthy people and public sector organisations, including those funded by the public sector who are inadvertently causing people who are living on the breadline to suffer disproportionately under the UK local and national government spending cuts and more widely. We believe that everybody has potential and that people who genuinely need help to protect their basic human rights, keep a roof over their head, keep food on the table, keep warm and to protect their families should always receive support from the government, where the government doesn't provide these services to a standard that is accepted by the people, we step in.

GBG Law believes in working with the Public Sector to inspire change for the benefit of people who are disproportionately disadvantaged. We also take vigorous but peaceful enforcement action against Public Sector organisations and those funded by the Public Sector who strategically and disproportionately offer sub-standard services to our Clients. We also work to expose corruption and cronyism that is rife within the Public Sector. We believe wholeheartedly, first and foremost in working with the Public Sector and Public Sector organisations to improve their services through collaboration and not vilification."

GBG Law offers a variety of services to people, dependent on available resources, including a national telephone advice line, signposting to other sources of support and help for people who are struggling to get help from existing support organisations. We quickly recognise where people that contact us have been failed by existing support organisations and where people that contact us cannot secure good quality support elsewhere, we will look to, where we have the resources, step in directly in their place to support those that contact us where we are contacted by people who have been failed by services funded by the taxpayer (public services).

GBG Law believes that public sector organisations and those funded by the public sector have great potential to do good and that they often do positive work that makes a real difference to the lives of people who are less wealthy and often more vulnerable. GBG Law can make speakers available for events, provide presentations on our findings and we publish our findings, reports and analysis in our "GBG Law Newsroom area" where organisations that are not currently subject to a complaint from our Clients or involved in Court action with our Clients can find a contact form to find out more about how we work with public sector organisations and those funded by the public sector.

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