Is this fair?

How would you feel if this was all you had?..

Or this?

3,569 people slept rough at some point in 2015 but these were only the small amount counted (Source - DCLG)..

Show the UK Government the Red Card..

Roof challenges the state and supports people to get off the streets..

Because in the Government's mind..

Pretty gardens and MP expenses are clearly more important!..

You Can Make a Stand To..

Roof Needs You - Please volunteer by calling 03303 501260 - thank you..

You can follow our work..

on Twitter @gg_roof or by clicking on this image.

How does Jenny's life go from this..
To this in just 29 years...

Where Coventry fails people, we won't stop until there's justice..

18 months later, Jenny was no longer with us at the age of just 59

Ask Coventry NHS, Warwick Hospital and Social Services "why?" - we will be!

People with mental illness deserve better than to be ignored..

Follow the campaign on Twitter @justiceforjenny or on the website at


Advocates, campaigns and undertakes McKenzie Friend work for the most vulnerable..

A message for you Elizabeth..

You could reverse Legal Aid cuts for the most vulnerable..

Find out the truth about your Coventry council home by clicking here..
Amber - You seriously need to change things..
Because these are some of the thugs that your predecessor gave free reign to..

Whilst not all of the Police are like this, too many are. We're not scared and we will stand together in protest..

We plan protests and..
GBG Law secures justice..

We do not believe in poorer and often more vulnerable people being bullied.

Providing training to our historic Clients to prevent the reoccurence of hardship
We believe in you and what you can become.

Welcome to GBG Law

GBG Law is a grassroots community advocacy and McKenzie friend organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people who find themselves involved with public services (those funded by the government). 

We recognise that many public services are failing the public in housing, health services, policing and Social Services amongst many other areas. We work to improve the relationship between people that contact us and existing charities. Where charities simply cannot help, we step in. We work with our Clients and with public sector organisations to improve the experience of our Clients in their journey to improve their quality of life. 

GBG Law recognises that some public sector organisations sadly deliberately fail people who are often vulnerable through their circumstances. We work closely with other grassroots and direct action movements to expose such failures and to demand change for the better of UK citizens. 



To navigate around the website, we have split the website up so that new and existing clients, Complaint Subjects (public sector organisations), people that want to donate, people that want to volunteer and the media can find the information that they are looking for in the clearest way possible. 

For new and existing Clients, there is a wealth of information available that will answer questions, explain more about the work that we do and how we help as many people as possible. GBG Law offers free support to Clients and we volunteer to help as many people as we possibly can to make the UK a better place. For those with further enquiries, we also run a telephone helpline. 

We hope that the website is helpful to you. You can find a website form at the bottom of our pages where, if you would like to, you can provide feedback.