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GBG Law considers that a Confidentiality breach has occurred in two circumstances, firstly, where data or login credentials have not been stored securely and secondly where information has been provided without your consent. GBG Law takes breaches just as seriously whether your data has been provided to an organisation that is relevant to your case or a totally unrelated individual or organisation.

All of our Casework Advocates, Administration Volunteers, Managers and other Volunteers must sign a Confidentiality Agreement to confirm that they fully understand their responsibilities after they have been trained and before they can start volunteering within their role. If Volunteers are not sure of any aspect of GBG Law's confidentiality policy or if circumstances that arise are out of the ordinary, Volunteers can contact their Supervisor to confirm what to do.

GBG Law takes robust action against Volunteers who breach confidentiality. Volunteers who breach GBG Law's confidentiality policy will be interviewed and, where appropriate, they will be issued with a formal warning if we find that the breach was clearly accidental and it is the first incident. Volunteers in this case will also be provided with further training before they can continue to volunteer within their role. GBG Law will inform you if we are concerned that your data has been disclosed without your consent.

If the Volunteer has already received a warning and a further confidentiality breach occurs, they will be immediately dismissed. GBG Law will also inform law enforcement agencies and the Court where appropriate or applicable.

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