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All of GBG Law's Casework Advocates are obliged to ensure that their Usernames and Passwords remain secure in line with GBG Law's internal Information Technology and Telecommunications Helpdesk (ITTU) policy. Any compromised Usernames and Passwords or other intelligence that we receive about security breaches is immediately reported to the ITTU. Casework Advocates are also encouraged to change their passwords regularly. Where we speak to Casework Advocates on the telephone, they must confirm their identity by supplying their VEIN (Volunteer and Employee Identification Number) and our network password. The network password is changed very regularly.

GBG Law's Case Management Systems are built so that data is supplied on a "need to know" basis. Only GBG Law's Senior Management structure have access to data more widely. This also means that Casework Advocates do not have access to cases that they are not assigned.

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