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No More Country and Region Divides..
The UK is bigger than London, the differing needs of the countries and regions of the UK are at the heart of everything that we do.
Exclusively Open to UK Residents..
UK Residents - Put forward your policy ideas on the forum and contribute to the debates.
UK Residents: Please have your say and always vote!
Please always aim to reach consensus and participate in open votes.
Giving it to the Experts!
We put the vote outcomes to the elected policy experts to develop your policy.
Not Happy?
You get the final vote anyway and we repeat until you are happy!
My UK Manifesto..
will ALWAYS debate policy in this way.
BAME and LGBT Rights, DWP, NHS and Social Services Reform are just some of the My UK Manifesto Wings..
Is there a particular issue that you are frustrated about? Feel free to join one or more of your wings.
We have many admin opportunities..
My UK Manifesto is Voluntary Contributer Led, We need tons of you to collaborate with us. Find out more about our opportunities (coming soon).
My UK Manifesto Membership Registration Opening Soon..
Membership Registration is Opening Soon. Please follow us on Twitter and on Facebook @myukmanifesto.

Are you frustrated with your community not being truly represented in national government? Have you suffered hardship and/or injustice? These are the stories of so many across the United Kingdom, not just to be fair under the Conservative government, but also under the patronisingly named Labour party. None of the other political parties ever get a look in due to First Past the Post voting. 

Well, it's about time manifestos were more than empty promises, children didn't get taken unfairly from their parents through secret Courts, that the welfare state was not a cruel degrading system leaving people to starve whilst their GPs are ignored and that the Police and Judges were bought in line with strong, people led regulation and that Local Authorities (Councils) were held criminally liable for homelessness. These are just many of the issues that people who are silenced by the government want to shout about and it's up to you, the nation to either disband or enforce these principles too. 

We also believe that Corona Virus restrictions are not for the government to decide and that there should be full consultation with the people who should have the final say. 

How Does My UK Manifesto Work..

My UK Manifesto takes government departments as a framework and allows you, the public, to debate, achieve consensus and develop policies, both in terms of the policies of the nation and in the organisation itself. We believe that a 'one size fits all' approach does not work and that the proper representation of English, Northern Irish, Scotish and Welsh regions should be key in policy making and so they will be. 

Everything that we do is centred around grassroots democracy, debate and voting. We are the first grassroots organisation to give the power to the nation to create a manifesto themselves and to continue to use it to direct us. We will not abandon it. Whether parliament takes on the wishes of the many is the ultimate test.

Whether we end up feeding back to parliament so as not to reinvent the wheel or whether we officially set up as our own political party once our manifesto is complete is wholly upto you to decide, by consensus, in the same way as everything else. 

Welcome to My UK Manifesto. Your party, your way. 

How Do We Work In Summary..

-We Take Government Departments as Our Framework.

- Everything that we do is centred around grassroots democracy.

- We recognise the unique needs of devolved administrations and segregate debate to recognise differences that are unique to these.

- It's your party - we have provided some initial ideas as debate points.

- We will rely on Volunteer Collaborators and there will be a wide range of opportunities to join the revolution.

- We use our online forum to faciliate debate but we will also, as Volunteer Collaborators come on board, be providing telephone assistance to those who are unable to use the internet.

- Wherever consensus is achieved, this will be reported back through our managment structure.

- We will be seeking the assistance of experts in policy areas to provide a realistic interpretation of what you want in the manifesto.

Our Progress Setting Up..


- We have been developing our communications platform but there is still a lot to do to keep on top of future enquiries!

- We have been developing our accounting platform for a future finance team to ensure that we are legally compliant in this regard.

- We have been developing our communications platform but there is still a lot to do to keep on top of future enquiries!

- We have been drumming up interest on a variety of social platforms including Twitter. We are now communicating on Parlor and Telegram too in support of platforms that do not censor communication.

- We are now a register company, limited by guarantee. You can read more in our filed Articles of Association on Companies House. All monies are reinvested into My UK Manifesto. In the spirit of being upfront, the Director will claim a full time wage and the Articles will need adapting for this purpose as running My UK Manifesto is more than a full time role. We hope that you understand and appreciate us being up front with you.

In Progress..

- We are currently in the process of preparing Volunteer Collaborator Role Descriptions in a wide range of areas from IT through to Finance, Legal and Compliance, Moderation and Community Liaison Collaborators.

- We are currently in the process of sorting out our Contact Forms - the provider has been extremely unhelpful.

- We are currently in the process of setting up the debate forum platform.

- We are currently in the process of configuring our membership registration platform and developing our membership rules and application process. We will have a waiting list set up once our Contact forms are up and running.

- Now that we are a registered company, we are now applying for a community bank account to take donations and membership subs.

- We are working on our Email and Contact Form management platform and communications base.

- We provide updates on Twitter (the link can be found at the bottom of this page.